Shopping – Macau

Macau is a shopper’s paradise where you can purchase almost anything, luxury items are cheaper here in comparison to other cities in the region. Macau is a great treasure trove for Chinese antiques and collectibles.

Temple Street Market

Furniture and Antiques – There are many excellent shops selling authentic antiques and fine reproductions all over Macau and in Coloane Village.

Clothing – The textile and garment factories of Macao produce clothing for markets in Europe, the US and Australia, with bigger discounts to be found in shops and market stalls labeled ‘Goods for Export’.

Art Galleries and Bookstores - Many local and foreign artists reside in Macao and their work can often be seen in local galleries. Public exhibitions are held in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Pavilion and Macao Tea Culture House in Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, Macao Museum of Art, Tap Seac Gallery and Tourism Activities Centre.

Portuguese Fine Wines - The delights of Portuguese wine could fill a book but for a brief introduction visit the Wine Museum in the Tourism Activities Centre before setting out to purchase.

Jewellery - Many reputable jewellery shops can be found near major hotels, on Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro and on Avenida de Horta e Costa, as well as in star-rated hotels.

Flea Market

Traditional Chinese Delicacies - Many neighborhoods in Macao support numerous shops selling dried meat and seafood, herbs and other traditional Chinese foodstuffs and medicines.

Flea Market - The most popular flea market in Macao is situated near the Ruins of St Paul's but is a little off the beaten tourist track. Follow Rua de S. Paulo to Rua das Estalagens and turn down the hill to the next narrow street.

Macao Souvenirs - If you are looking for souvenirs that could only have come from Macao, the museum shops are a good place to start. The Grand Prix Museum sells some wonderful books, videotapes and other memorabilia connected to the world’s foremost Formula 3 competition in the Macau Grand Prix.


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