Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The pedestal of the Natural History Museum at Precint 15, Putrajaya is an exertion by the Government to gather, archive and show characteristic fortunes including the fauna, vegetation, rocks, minerals and fossils of this nation to advantage all levels of society, and additionally outside guests. This exhibition hall houses a large number of examples of debilitated and jeopardized fauna, as a kind of perspective to the normal legacy of our nation. Since the initiation of the Department of Museums Malaysia, Natural History Museum, which used to be known as the Natural History Unit, was set up by the division to direct research and documentation identified with the country's fauna, verdure and topography. The way toward gathering examples of widely varied vegetation for the exhibition hall's accumulation really started as ahead of schedule as 1901, and were done by English officers who served in the Malay Peninsula at the time. This is demonstrated by the soonest recorded example that is as yet being kept at the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall was opened to the general population in February 2010.


  • To gather, research and display botanical, faunal and land legacy to save learning and disperse comprehension of the common fortunes of this nation to the worldwide group.
  • Make the Natural History Museum a reference focus and data asset for common fortunes, particularly widely varied vegetation species that have ended up wiped out and imperiled
  • To archive all accumulations of flower, faunal and land examples for the reference of researchers and future eras
  • To make the common fortunes of this nation one of the country's tourism resources

Housed in working with current offices and encompassed by excellent scene stops, the enormous accumulation of the Natural History Museum contains verdure, fauna and topography of Malaysia. This exhibition hall shows the absolute most profitable regular legacy of our nation that undermined with annihilation, for example, warm blooded creatures, reptiles, creepy crawlies, marine life, winged creatures, rocks, minerals, fossils and others to be contemplated, comprehended and acknowledged.

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