Mountain Adventures

Nepal is the land of mountains. And the presence of mountains makes the country truly apt for outdoor mountain adventures. Home to the Eastern Himalayas, the mountains here are also known as the rooftop of the world. The reason is quite obvious. The location has eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world.  The average of such highest peaks crosses 8000 ft. In short, the mountains here encapsulate the essence of Nepal.
The snowcapped mountains opened their roads for the mountaineers from the world over in 1949. Since then, the mountainous backdrop here serves as an inspiration for the adventure lovers for great mountaineering activity.

Mountaineering is the signature experience of enjoying the thrilling outdoor adventure in this country. Scaling the mountains like Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, etc is like once in a lifetime opportunity for such mountaineers. The exclusive presence of mountains here makes Nepal a perfect backdrop for mountaineering. Prior to such expeditions to climb an eight thousander, the mountaineers need permission from the Ministry of Tourism, Nepal. After the permission has been obtained, this expedition should follow the route and the regulations as mentioned in the permit. This all is done to educate the climbers about the rugged terrain and steps to a safe mountaineering. Such formalities can be completed during your stay in Kathmandu.

If you are keen on mountaineering in Nepal, you can take a special training session. This is to ensure that the mountain tourism is safe for you. There are many short mountaineering training programs that introduce the enthusiasts to the rugged terrain. This helps tourists identify the ideal way to deal with the mountains and enjoy the exciting times up on the way.

However, there are few prerequisites and arrangements to be made before such an expedition. The preparation includes mountaineering and trekking gears to deal with unpredictable weather situations in the upper reaches of Himalayas. Tourists can rent or buy mountaineering equipments, helmets, harness, snow goggles, waterproof gloves, rain gear, sleeping bag, personal medication kits, etc in Kathmandu only. The city has some nice shops from where the best of mountaineering gears can be purchased. These all comprise the prerequisites of mountaineering in Nepal. But before that, make sure your group mountaineering expedition has a local Sherpa guide.

It is customary to take their help while realizing the idea of an exciting expedition. The Sherpas are local mountain people who are friendly towards tourists. They also have excellent capacities to extreme hiking which makes them the experts to be relied upon during this special session. They live up close the mountains and know the nature of terrain which helps up guide the mountaineers on their exciting expeditions.


Trekking in the Himalayas is a personal way to discover the town, villages, mountain slopes, valleys, streams, etc. You don’t need any special gear for trekking; just your feet are enough to walk. It is often said that one in four tourists to Nepal comes here for trekking. It is another way to map the majesty of the Himalayan Mountains on feet. Most treks chart on the altitudes ranging between 1,000 to 4,000 m.  On the way of trekking, trekkers can enjoy the stunning landscapes, spot yaks and meet different Nepali ethnic groups and experience the country’s rich cultural diversity.  Even a number of heritage trails have been developed in the country where treks are combined with cultural experience of witnessing the local culture and lifestyle.

There are many famous trekking routes in Nepal that are iconic to the country’s identity as a trekking destination.  Out of all, Everest Base Camp trek is traditionally the most popular trekking route. Here, trekkers get once in a lifetime opportunity to trek to the foot of mighty Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. The extreme trekking on the high altitude zones brings much fascination and interest to this exciting trek experience.

Annapurna Trek is another signature trek of Nepal that leads the tourists to the base camp over 22 days time. Different trek routes of lead to Annapurna Mountain via Jomsom, Manang and Mustang. This trek also showcases contrasting landscapes which is again its favourable facet. Compared to the longer treks, Nepal also has short and exciting trails to be enjoyed during a comprehensive tour. Langtang Trek is one such best short trail in the country to be taken near Kathmandu, the arrival point of Nepal.

Kanchenjunga trek and Dolpo in northwest Nepal are also gaining prominence as trekking attraction of the country. Before beginning a trek-trip, trekkers are required to obtain the TIMS card. And if tourists are willing to trek the protected areas, they must acquire the entry permit by paying Entry Fees to enter the particular National Park or Protected Area.


Rock Climbing is a hardcore adventure opportunity to be enjoyed in this country. The location has some amazing natural rock formations in majestic setting that heighten the rock climbing experiences here.  There are many areas in Nepal that facilitate rock climbing sport in the country. Nagarjuna Forest is one of them. Located 20 mins away from Kathmandu, Nagarjun Royal forest or Rani Ban has Nagarjun Hill where cliff-hanging can be performed. The hill is also shrouded in mystery and is believed to be the place where the famous Buddhist philosopher Nagarjun meditated. The rocky cliff here is suited for both beginners and experts. In the north of Kathmandu, Shivapuri Hill also offers fine rock climbing opportunities. It offers spectacular views of surrounding mountains as well.


Paragliding is a new fulfilling mountain adventure that lets travellers soar to the great mountain heights. It is relatively new yet a fulfilling idea to soar and enjoy the skyline views and scenic splendour of the Himalayas from great height. You get to see the destination from a different angle and enjoy the pristine beauty of monasteries, lakes, villages, and jungles lined by Himalayas. You also feel like a bird and enjoy the exhilarating experience of flying to great heights.

The best part about paragliding is the fact that it is the most rewarding form of adventure stretched over short period of time. A weather dependent sport, Paragliding requires clear skies. If you are keen on paragliding adventure, make sure that the trip is scheduled between the months of November to February. First time paragliders can also take a three-day introductory course to learn the skills of the sport. You can learn short walks and the techniques to take off to the skies during this workshop.

Pokhara is the ideal destination to enjoy paragliding. The landing point is Sarangkot, famous for offering the stunning views of three eight thousanders mountains, i.e. Annapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri along with Davis falls and Phewa Lake. Over the last three years, Pokhara is now an internationally recognised destination for free-flight enthusiasts. You can enjoy Paragliding during a trip to Pokhara.


Mountain Flights – Flights are usually taken for transfer from one destination to another. But mountain flights are slightly different from other regular flights. As its name suggests, it takes off from Kathmandu Airport and leads tourists to the enigmatic and enamouring views of mountains. Mountain flight is full-on leisurely way to enjoy the heights of the mountains without any physical effort. These are the special flights taken by enthusiasts who either are short on time or are physically not allowed to take mountaineering on this rugged terrain. It is also suited for those who are not adventurous enough to climb or trek or paraglide around the mountains. Mountain flights stimulate such an exhilarating experience by removing the barriers of time and fitness. The main purpose of mountain flights is to introduce the travellers closer to the highest peaks of the world and stir in the excitement within tourists of all kinds.

Even climbing the mountain will not give you such an awesome photographic moment like this captured in this special flight. Usually, this one hour flight takes tourists within the camera range of many of the highest peaks in the world, including Mt. Everest. The plane takes off over the unsurpassable heights and isolated locations that require heavy exertion. It gives you an experience as if you are this close to reach out and touch the snow clad mountains. The special flights take off every morning from Kathmandu and fly at an average altitude of 6,500 - 7,000 meters. Such a safe and easy way of viewing mountains from an aircraft is another spectacular experience in its own right.


Ultralight aircraft offers a distinctive way of sightseeing in Nepal. Active in Pokhara, a famous tourist city of the country, the special aircraft in its every take-off offers spectacular views of the lakes, mountains and villages. Such flights are available almost all the year except during monsoons. Timings of their functioning are from sunrise to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to sunset every day. A 15 min flight is the shortest flight to give a glimpse of Pokhara in sky. The best part of this experience is the excitement of viewing the famous Pokhara city, Phewa Lake, Sarangkot Hill and Tibetan refugee camp in a 30 min flight.

The options for one hour flight to Annapurna range or higher are also available on special request. This special flight is famous as ‘Mountain Range Sky Trek’ and gives a comprehensive bird eye tour over Pokhara, Fewa Lake, near Sarangkot hill, Buddhist monastery, Tibetan camp and Lamachour. The highlight of this one hour flight is that you fly at an altitude of 9,000 feet above sea level and secure very close views to Fish Tail peak or Machhapuchare and the isolated Seti valley. During your trip to Pokhara, you can easily book your ultralight aircraft ride as one of the unique experiences in the valley.


Mountain Biking is another adventurous way to experience the rugged Himalayan terrain on a closer level. An eco-friendly way of experiencing Himalayas, the mountain biking is a heavy physical adventure, offering tourists an opportunity to explore rugged landscape and living heritage of the country closely. Enroute, the bike trail introduces tourists to the varying geographies of tropical Terai plains, mid-hills, mountain views, verdant valleys and extreme icy locations. The landscapes change but the vehicle of trail remains the same, i.e. light weight, fast bikes.

On a mountain bike, the tourists experience adventure along with landscape discoveries of nature and enriching interactions with warm and ever-smiling people. Mountain bikes can be hired in Kathmandu, Nepal. Special mountain biking group tours can also be organized in the depths and corners of Nepali destinations. Under the guidance of an expert biker, the bikers can explore the enchanting discoveries and an enriching Nepali experience here only.

Definitely a versatile mode of travelling, mountain biking offers tourists a more real and a persona experience. Prior to a mountain biking trip, make sure you take special workshops in Nepal’s Kathmandu to know diverse Himalayan terrain and modulate the bike accordingly. Also, wear helmets and other biking gear for a safe and sane biking experience in the country. Passionate bikers can also modulate different itineraries and target their destinations on a bike.


Bungee Jumping is a comparatively new way of experiencing heights in the world’s highest mountain range. Bhote Kosi River is the first attractive site suitable for Bungy Jumping. Here, one can jump down from a steel suspension bridge 160 m above a tropical gorge on this oldest and the wildest river in the country. This ultimate thrill of a bungee jump is designed to race your heartbeats and give you a sense of never before adventure in a classic way. The place has spectacular scenery with dense forests covering the top of the cliff. One can overnight here and go rafting and rock climbing, too. This bungee jumping site is located within a reach of 4 hours outside Kathmandu and 19 km away from the Tibet Border.

The special Bungee Bridge that sets the backdrop for outdoor adventure is one of a kind private owned bridge. The bridge is designed with a 4x-safety factor and can bear loads factor of 41,500 kg or 41.5   tons according to Swiss measurements. Do’s and don’ts while performing this sport include many steps. Bungee Masters recommend jumpers to keep their pockets empty. For girls, it is suggested to remove loose jewellery. This is to keep the belongings safe during downside fall. The jumpers’ weight is recorded prior to the jump and different cords for different categories of weights are given to ensure safety during the sport. The Green, Red and Black cords are used for the lightest, the heavier and the heavyweights respectively.

Canyoning is basically a sport where you travel down canyons and waterfalls using a variety of techniques such as walking, scrambling, climbing, abseiling and swimming. It is one sport that will get you completely off the beaten track, but it does require quite a good level of fitness.


Horse and Pony Trek again offers a pleasant ride over the mountainous setting of Nepal. It is less exhausting and high on pleasures to sit on a horse or pony. The rides come handy for tourists who can’t take the strain of trekking or want respite on long treks.

Such a special trek also gives a glimpse of travelling in the past, when ponies were employed to cross the oldest trade routes through mountains. Pony treks are now becoming increasingly popular. Tourists just relieve their flexes and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery and diverse terrain on horseback.

These ponies and horses can be by the hour or for longer in Pokhara. Another option is to employ a full-length pony trek. Again, it all depends upon your schedule and requirements. A flexible mode of travelling, this daunting adventure can bring pleasure to your soul in its unique ways. Ponies and horses for trek can be hired in Pokhara, Daman, Nagarkot and Dhulikhel.

All such come under the highly exciting and adrenaline pumping Mountain Adventures. Participating in such outdoor activities not only elevates the spirit but even brings exhilaration of mind, body and sense. Tourists feel amazing levels of accomplishment on achieving victory naturally daunting challenges. 

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