Anuradhapura is a place replete with sacredness and holds a divine past behind its emergence as a city. At present the city has developed as a ruin but every ruin holds a fascinating story that attracts the tourists with its picturesque scenarios. The place has stupendous stupas that adorn the city in the most spectacular way. The Stupas are elegantly made out of sun-dried bricks and stands as an intricate work of art. Apart from the stupas, the place has been festooned with pious temples and intriguing sculptures that mesmerize the onlookers with its amazing artistic qualities.

Anuradhapura, a center of Sri Lankan civilization, is covered with glory with having an enormous number of attractions to offer to its visitors. There are ancient palaces which hold its glorious past, that dates back to 4th century BC, within its colossal walls. One can make justice to its past only by exploring it in person. With some truly astonishing sights to behold, Anuradhapura affirms to be one the most evocative cities of South Asia. Some of the top attractions of the place have been listed below:

Sri Maha Bodhiya

Sri Maha bodhiya:  One of the prime reasons because of which the place has been known as the most sacred one is because it comprises the origins of this Bodhi tree. The tree has been diffusing the divine atmosphere all over the place since 245 BC. It affirms to be one of the oldest living trees in the world. It was Sanghamitta Theri who brought a branch of the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.  Later with this branch, the tree was planted which now stands as the most gloriously oldest tree and one of the Sri Lanka’s most venerated relics.

Ruwanwelisaya: This stupendous stupa stands as the most acclaimed stupas of the country. This startling stupa standing elegantly tall has been constructed by stone elephants. The majestic walls of the stupa have been artistically decorated by around 1900 elephant motifs with 475 on each side of the adjacent wall. The credit of making this elegant piece of art goes to the King Dutugemunu of Sri Lanka who gave the orders of constructing this stupa after defeating King Elara of Tamil Nadu.

Archaeological Museum: Initially, this museum stood as the old British colonial administration building. It was later renovated as the Archaeological Museum which comprises all the intriguing artwork and an extensive collection of carvings and other artifacts found in Anuradhapura and other historic sites of Sri Lanka.


Lovamahapaya: Lovamahapaya, primarily known as the Brazen Palace or Lohaprasadaya, is one of the most enigmatic palaces of the town which dates back to the ancient era. Apart from housing the majestic glory within itself it comprises the refectory and the Uposatha house. It is more eminent as the ‘edifice of nine storey’ with a myriad of chambers to add to its beauty and it was established by King Dutugemunu of Sri Lanka.

How to reach Anuradhapura: Anuradhapura is around four hours drive away from the capital city of Sri Lanka. There are train routes too which makes it easy to conjoin the capital city Colombo.

Best time to visit: Anuradhapura is one of those destinations that provide a fruitful atmosphere to its visitors around the year. Therefore the best time depends solely on the individual. One can visit the place in summer and spring season as it provides comparatively mild atmosphere. On the other hand if you are a winter person you can choose to enjoy this enigmatic place while bathing in the sun.

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