Cuisine of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine is flavourful and varied. Inspired by the coastal traditions, the island country uses coastal flavours, curries and spices to spruce up the food. Besides native flavours, the nation also has food variation due to the influx of traders and invaders. With all this and lot more, this oriental country enjoys rich variety of coastal cuisine.

Spices and herbs are used to enhance the coastal flavours. The techniques like grinding, pounding, roasting , tempering and combination of spices are used to enhance the flavours. Roasting as per the common belief makes the blend far richer in aroma and flavours.

Rice is the basic staple, served in numerous ways. There are different rice based recipes where the staple food is cooked in plain boiled form, spiced with spices, in meat juices, curd, tamarind and even with milk. Each variation results in a different interpretation of this staple grain and is also eaten with great fondness.

So during trip to Sri Lanka, prepare yourself to eat rice throughout the journey. Another unique aspect of Sri Lankan cuisine is its curries and sauces. These curries are made up of vegetables as well as meat and fish. Spiced with chilli, mustard, coriander, curry leaves and coconut milk, the curries also offer another signature experience of the country’s cuisine.

To cater to the western palate, the natives have come up with a variation in its cuisine with the use of subtle spices. The recipes are tweaked in terms of spices to deliver a pleasurable culinary experience for a tourist. In all, the cuisine of Sri Lanka represents the richly relishing side of the coastal country. Do visit Sri Lanka if you wish to relish the tropical flavours in a unique culinary concoction.

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