Standing amidst the inexplicably beautiful natural setting of low wooded hills Kitulgala is a village of emerald charm. The lush vegetation and profusion of flora makes it a place worth a visit. What adds to the beauty of this enigmatic place is the river Kelani Ganga whose white waters endows a contrasting beauty at the backdrop of emerald lush foliage and wooded hills. Kitulgala might be a small town but the allurements which it comprises for the tourists are definitely large in number.

Kitulgala has been listed under the wettest destinations present in the tropical island of Sri Lanka with receiving the magical season of monsoon twice a year. This rain forest region can be explored at its glorious best during the month of February as it affirms to be the driest month in the year. Apart from the scenic glamour the place is best known for the white water flowing in the Kelani Ganga. The white water not only provides serenity to the place but also serves as the base for white-water rafting. Kelani River also provides a safe environment for swimmers and many more river expeditions in its shallow end at the opposite bank. The best sites to find in this small emerald town are:

White Water Rafting

White water rafting/camping at Kitulgala: the eminent Kelani river stretch comprises 5 kms upstream from the village base and offers seventh grade white water rafting to immortalize the rafting experience of tourists in Kitulgala. There are two and three rapids exclusively provided for rafting, each of which comprises some distinctiveness and exciting flavors to offer to its rafting seekers. There two designed sections, the upper section of which has been kept for highly skilled rafting seekers. However, the other section which is slightly lower than the former is best suited for beginners. It takes approximately 90 minutes to accomplish the stretches. Apart from the rafting experience, to further tickle the adventure seekers, the place offers an extraordinary opportunity to engage in natural adventure like jungle trekking, outdoor camping, mountain biking etc. Further inside the rain forests there are camping facilities too in favour of the adventurists.

Kitulgala Forest Reserve at Kitulgala: Passing across the graceful Kelani River there is archaic forest reserve dotted with enchanting tropical flora. This serene forest stands as an abode to approximately about 54 exceptionally rare species of birds. This rain forest birds comprises some of those unusual species that are exclusively found in Sinharaja rainforest. Some of the prime ones that are sighted in these woods are spurfowl, Green-billed coucal and Spot-winged Thrush.

Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak: Yet another fascinating place to visit is the Adam’s peak that exclusively comprises of spectacular natural charm. The place is so charming that words just cannot describe the beauty of the view which it beholds. It is a 2234 meter stepped mountain and provides spellbinding vistas at every step of its way to the top.

How to reach Kitulgala: Kitulgala can be easily reached via Colombo-Avissawella-Hatton main motor road while enjoying the scenic vistas around.

Best time to visit Kitulgala: February to April is the best period to visit this elegant town as these months are comparatively drier than the rest.


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