• Buddhist Tour

    Buddhism is in the nerve of Bhutan, experienced in the form of dzongs and monasteries.

  • Tamzhing Monastery

    Tamzhing Goemba is a principle seat of Pema Lingpa, a discoverer of religious texts.

  • Cultural Tours

    Colourful, quaint yet unique in every respect, culture is Bhutan's most exotic aspect .

  • Bird Watching

    Watching rare and elusive birds in Bhutan during birdwatching tours makes it a surreal experience.



Tsechu is the most vibrant festival of Bhutan. It features series of cham dances performed by masked dancers in honour of Guru Rinpoche. Every district of the country has its own Tsechu festival.

Performed in courtyards of dzongs, this festival attracts the eyes of many onlookers and crowd for showcasing colourful cultural side. The performances are ritualized dances that end with the unfurling of a giant Thangka called Thongrols overlooking the courtyard. The festival has undertones of culture and religion that makes it look like a panorama for all kinds of visitors who are interested in knowing Bhutan or experiencing its ritualistic side.


The capital of Bhutan, Thimphu enjoys the status of a tourist center as well. It has loads of attractions that bring out the essence of Destination Bhutan on the whole.
The first city in Bhutan to shrug off the friendly village tag, it is on the way to commercial independence. A bundle of contradictions, the location even brims with the variety, colours,, monasteries, dzongs, etc. A tourist friendly destination, it has hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants. Even many towns have ATM's where VISA and Mastercard debit cards can be used to withdraw Ngultrum, the official Bhutanese currency.

Travel to Bhutan

  • Adventure Tour
    The isolated and remote locations in Bhutan offer the rich way of adventure travel. more...>>

  • Textile Tours
    The finest Bhutanese fabrics, weaving of Kira - woman & Gho - man highlights textile tours. more...>>

  • Festival Tours
    Be a part of colourful, vibrant and enchanting celebrations of Bhutan during festival tours. more...>>

  • Cuisine/Shopping
    Spot the native Takin, red panda & other exotic Bhutanese species during wildlife tours. more...>>