Myanmar – The Golden Country

Myanmar sits on the crossroads of oldest civilizations, India and China and offers impressive share of heritage. The living proof is the Shwe Dagon Pagoda, the 2,500 year old pagoda, which is the largest and undoubtedly the oldest golden monument on earth. This is a symbol of devotion for many Myanmar Kings and Queens who continuously donated pure gold of their body weight. All this has thus accumulated in the form of the great golden pyramid in Yangon. The trend still continues where people donate tonnes of gold here. Another interpretation of gold can be seen through the golden throne of Myanmar’s king. Adorned with exquisite carvings, the golden throne speaks a thousand tales.

2,400 year old miracle Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda again is another part of old Burmese heritage. Legends say that this balancing pagoda on the top of the golden rock survived for thousand years. Another attraction of Myanmar is the world’s largest ringing bell, famous as Mingun Bell of Sagaing. After visiting this iconic structure, you can say, “I’ve rung the world largest ringing bell.”

Additionally, tourists can also have a taste of adventure with scuba diving in the South Myanmar Sea. The sea has a rich coral life and provides a rich opportunity of exploring the marine world. All such attractions and much more comprise the heritage of Myanmar. To know more about the possibilities, just write in to us in the query form below and our tour experts would be happy to assist you in planning your Myanmar Tour.