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Bangkok City

Bangkok has an intoxicating breeze which not only magnetizes travelers but also attracts them to visit the city as many times as possible. This intoxicating capital city of Thailand is incredibly diverse in housing tourist attractions. This vibrant city is considered as a melting pot which comprises intoxicating aromas, mesmerizing attractions, appealing sights and intriguing delights. This is city is flower bud which comprises fascinating layers and each layer is of some interest. Therefore, to get familiar with all of the layers one needs to visit the land in person and explore each of its layers and reveal its enchanting splendor to you.

The city is replete with enigmatic treasures. To explore most of its fascinations one needs to equip oneself with ample time and comprehend the city’s iconic status via its wonderments. In order to unearth almost every alluring section of this glorious city, you will need at least four to five days. Bangkok comprises almost every attraction that the tourist find interesting. We will feature almost all the attractions here so you won’t miss a thing which interests you when you visit the city in person. With myriads of attractions around, you would love to travel to this location and have a lot of fun too. Before covering the major destinations of interest, do keep some key points in mind if you wish to visit the city:

How to Reach Bangkok

Bangkok comprises two airports that connect other destinations of the country to this elegant city of wonders. These two airports are located around 30 kms from the city center. You can also turn up to cruising to this grand city as with cruise ships as it will get you more fun while travelling around. There are various cruise ships which ply on the nearest port and you can hire them for your travelling.

What to Visit in Bangkok

Bangkok is prominent for myriads of reasons. There are innumerable things and activities here which the tourist can indulge in. It has something for every visitor irrespective of their interest. If you are more of a night person then there are loads of vibrant nightlife options you can try here. On the contrary if you are more of a serene kind of person then you can explore the tranquil temples amidst nature. More detailed information is provided in each of the sections below. Go for the ones which suites your interests.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

The city is fairly reasonable for travelers. If you are a luxury travelers then go for some lavish resorts and plush hotels which are easily accessible from any part of the city. However, if you are on a budget tour then you can opt for a guest houses where you can find a fairly good deal with being low on your pocket. Accommodation is never a problem in Bangkok so enjoy your stay here.


Temples and Palaces

With grand attractions, Thailand affirms to be the most desired holiday destination in Asia. There are myriads of aspects which Thailand is famous for but the most intriguing one is the glorious temples in its capital city Bangkok. Thailand comprises over...

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Museums and Art

Bangkok is an amazing destination to be in during one’s holiday. There are innumerable options which travelers can explore and enjoy in Bangkok. This splendid capital city of Thailand has something for every traveler irrespective of their diverse interests Here, we will mention the interesting...

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Tourist Attractions

Bangkok is one of the most populated cities of the world with 9 million inhabitants. It also comes under the best cosmopolitan cities of Asia with being a perfect place to explore the tantalizing temples, dazzling palaces cute canals, pulsating nightlife and great shopping and something...

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