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Marine Center

Opened September 2011, Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa's Marine Discovery Center (MDC) is an intelligent research and instruction focus that presents visitors and nearby school youngsters alike to the part we can each play in rationing the neighborhood and worldwide marine biological community.

Marine Center
Marine Center

Keep running by a group of sea life researcher from Male-based natural consultancy Seamarc Pvt. Ltd., the Center components 3D motion pictures and 2D introductions on particular ranges of preservation near the Kuda Huraa group's heart, including turtles, coral reefs, sharks and dolphins.

The MDC is the beginning stage for the Resort's Shark and Marine Life Safari, Dolphin Watching and Coral Reefscaping exercises. It is additionally the home office of the Maldivian Sea Turtle Conservation Program that at the same time attempts to screen, ensure, restore and increment attention to turtle preservation all through the Maldives, and additionally raise turtle hatchlings until they become huge and sufficiently solid to secure themselves in nature.

The staggering sky blue waters encompassing Four Seasons Resorts Maldives are home to extends of sensitive coral reef. In 1998, 90% of Maldivian shallow-water corals were dyed and slaughtered by bizarrely warm waters brought about by a particularly solid El Niño. Around then, Four Seasons enrolled the assistance of Seamarc Pvt. Ltd to perceive what should be possible to help these weak reefs and create new ones. The subsequent coral engendering venture has developed to end up distinctly a standout amongst the best of its kind on the planet, having transplanted more than 60,000 sections of coral in the vicinity of 2005 and 2009 alone. It is trusted that the venture's momentous clone-determination research will one day establish the framework for the overall utilization of coral casings to help ensure reefs against a worldwide temperature alteration. Visitors can see the reefs and take an interest in their recharging through the accompanying project offered by the Resort.

Reefscapers offers visitors the special chance to partake in the working of the coral reefs. Wander out into our tidal pond to witness the spearheading work of Reefscapers. You can likewise join a Build-a-Reef session in the Marine Discovery Center, where you can even support your own one of a kind coral edge and watch it develop on the Marine Savers site.

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