• Mountaineering

    The paths less travelled, mountains represent heights of Nepal’s extreme topography & thrilling holidays.

  • Jungle Safari

    Forests offer the most natural experience in Nepal. Owing to its topography, the country is perfect to spot rare flora & fauna

  • Kathmandu Valley

    Blessed with wealthy culture, Kathmandu Valley is a mini Nepal. It has seven world heritage sites..

  • MICE

    Nepal is an exotic Business Destination. With a right mix of culture & heritage, it is apt for organizing meetings and events.


Nepal Festivals

Nepal has a spectacular array of festivals organized throughout the year. Any visit to Nepal almost coincides with at least one, making the trip rich in terms of cultural experiences as well.

Participating in these celebrations give tourists a thriving ground for flourishing travel experience. The chariot festival, masked dance, spiritual congregations and cultural celebrations can be enjoyed with great fervour and excitement during Nepal cultural tour.


Lumbini is the light of Nepal where Prince Siddhartha, the Buddha to be was born 2,600 years ago. A major Buddhist pilgrimage site, Lumbini is seen with great regard the world over and a visit

here gives a merit to the pilgrim for following the Mahaparinibbana Sutta. According to this sutra, the lord suggested his followers to visit the Lumbini along with Bodhgaya, Sarnath & Kushinagar to gain sentient understanding and inspirations from Buddha’s life.

Travel to Nepal

  • Adventure Tour
    For the adventurer in you, Nepal wholly features a rich range of adventure tours. more...>>

  • Culture Of Nepal
    Experience the complex whole of Nepal's heritage, spirituality & traditions with cultural tours. more...>>

  • Pilgrimage Tours
    Feel blessed by the presence of different gods during Pilgrimage tours to Nepal. more...>>

  • Honeymoon Tour
    Give your married life a deserving start with special honeymoon tours in Nepal more...>>