• Buddhist Tour

    Buddhism being the major religion followed by the population here leads to the establishment of interesting Buddhist sites.

  • Wat Pah Nanachat

    In this Buddhist monastery people get themselves trained to follow and practice the peaceful lifestyle of the monks in the forests

  • Cultural Tours

    Thailand’s unique culture is perfectly showcased in the vibrant fairs and festivities that the country indulges in.

  • Wildlife Tour

    The diverse geographical terrain of Thailand makes it extensively prosperous for the wild species of the place.


Phi Ta Khon Festival

Thailand has been extensively famous for its vibrant lifestyle and thrilling events. This vivacious lifestyle is loaded with plenty of dancing and rejoicing. This makes it different from other countries.

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Phi Ta Khon festival is the festival which showcases the glorious lifestyle of Thailand. It is a tradition of the Dan Sai district of the Loei Province in Isan and has been practiced every year harmoniously. The more common name provided to this festival is Ghost festival. This name itself suggests the core significance of this festival. This colorful festival is celebrated to reflect the people’s beliefs on supernatural energies including ghosts and spirits.


Bangkok is a world-known metropolis which complements Thailand by being its capital city. This sprawling city has been adorned with glorious shrines and vibrant street life.
Bangkok has been blessed with the Chao Phraya River which leads to ornate network of canals that are mostly replete with fascinating boats. The rushing river is blessed with the reclining Buddha on one shore and the steep stepped Wat Arun – the famous Khmer-style tower on the other shore. The city boasts about its prime attractions which includes the Rattanakosin royal district, the magnificent Grand Palace and the most pious Emerald Buddha temple.

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