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Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary

Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary
Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mondulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary is an ensured timberland region and an eco-tourism untamed life protection focus close Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri area, Cambodia. The haven is a non–profit group extend created and supported by L.E.A.F Cambodia: a neighborhood ecological NGO. L.E.A.F's improvement of group based preservation and ecotourism programs, makes maintainable jobs that advantages Mondulkiri's indigenous individuals and backers the retirement of Mondulkiri's residential working elephants.

L.E.A.F is presently working towards setting up a dynamic reforestation program in Mondulkiri and making protection training available to neighborhood Cambodian youth. cotourism projects to the haven and encompassing secured group timberlands are intended for guests intrigued by bolster manageable tourism and untamed life preservation. Guest commitments straightforwardly support working elephant retirement, nearby reforestation and hostage/trafficked untamed life salvages.

Amid the asylum trekking visits and moral elephant encounter, you can see and investigate Mondulkiri's interesting common natural surroundings and culture, find out about elephant mind, get a nearby affair and cooperate with Asian elephants, nourish them, shower and prep them. We welcome guests wishing to add to our venture - To go along with us as asylum protection volunteers: Help have any kind of effect and work on a moral Cambodian haven. Our moral elephant ecotourism program at present patrons the discharge and care in flexibility of 6 Cambodian working elephants, which we consulted to free from working in illicit logging and business traveler rides.

The asylum gives a safe and serene home, for elephants to appreciate another existence of rest and opportunity. Elephants nourish for the duration of the day, mingle and meander the haven timberland and prairies with different elephants, safe from physical weight and dangers they confronted while "utilized" in logging or vacationer ride industry. As Mondulkiri's horticultural regions and populace are always developing, characteristic untamed life living spaces over the region are rapidly contracting and as an outcome wild creatures are losing their regions and turn out to be progressively inclined to being gotten by seekers, merchants and traffickers.

Trafficked and illicitly hostage creatures incorporate a few primates and monkey species, gibbons, moderate and dwarf loris, civets, otters, porcupines, panther felines and an assortment of different warm blooded creatures. Flying creature and reptile species, for example, owls, wild peacocks, hornbills, turtles, pythons, screen reptiles and some more. Once in a while very jeopardized animal groups, similar to pangolins, panthers and bears.

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